Land Rover four-wheel drive climbing car

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1. Simulate the Land Rover Defender modified model;

2. Four-wheel independent suspension shock absorption, greatly turning to the               torsion angle;

3, front and rear dual motor drive, easy to climb difficult roadblocks;

4, 2.4GHz technology remote control, super anti-interference, can play with multiple       cars;

5. The stickers are given inside, and you can paste them according to your preferences.

6. product authorization: no infringement

7. Minimum classification of products: electric/remote control vehicles

8. Brand name: Double Eagle /DOUBLE E

9. Product color and material: environmental protection plastic and hardware material

10. Remote control distance: 25m or more

11: Remote speed: 6.5km/h or more

12. Use time: 30min

13. Charging time: 4-6h (first 8h)

14. Battery details: car body, 3.7V/600mAH lithium battery rechargeable battery pack          remote controller, 2 AA batteries (purchased separately)

15. frequency: 2.4G

16. product packaging details: USB charging cable (3.6V SM interface) of lithium               battery pack of remote control car