Land Rover Defender D110 pickup truck climbs the model car (1:8)

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Basic information Brand:E102-003
Speed:Max 10km/h
Power system Servo: brush
Transmitter Frequency:2.4G
Battery:4X AA battery(not included)
Battery: 7.4V 1500MAH SM PLUG
others Charge time:180min
Using time:15min
Control distance:50m
Proportional control:Yes
Dimension Size:63.5*27.5*30.5 CM
Package size:68*38*30 CM


1. Highly simulated appearance and lighting configuration, the interior is highly restored, and the details are carefully carved;
2. The hood, door and trunk door can be opened manually, and the spare tire can be replaced and used.
3, metal model girders, axles, oversized tires (model high convex climbing wheel pattern), high hardness car bottom, chassis is strong, adapt to various road conditions;
4, high with model climbing motor, with full-scale steering steering gear and steering fine-tuning, bringing a more realistic climbing experience.
5. The speed can be fine-tuned to simulate the throttle function; at the same time, the high-low speed two-speed switching function is realized, and the high-mode simulation vehicle L/S gear position switching.
6. Reserve a large modification space to facilitate the modification of model enthusiasts.
7, 2.4GHz new style of remote control, super anti-interference, multi-vehicle competitive play.

Package included:
1X RC car

1x Transmitter
1X Charger