Buggy (Baji) ATV Building Block Sets Vehicle Model Collection Kit, Racing Car All Terrain Off-Road Building Blocks Climbing, 522 Pieces

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1 Highly-simulated Buggy style, a well-known car model of the popular game "Eating Chicken", which integrates the three elements of building blocks + remote control car + game, and has higher playability.

2 Building blocks new smart remote control, new rechargeable lithium battery receiving box, 2.4G four-channel automatic linking, super anti-interference wireless remote control all-round movement, support for more MOC gameplay expansion and modeling assembly.

3 High-torque high-end power unit (L-shaped power motor + servo steering gear + LED light), respectively, remotely control forward/backward/left/right/light and other functions. The shock absorber system + high-horsepower motor makes the building block Buggy run more vigorously.

4 Simulated rear wheels are independently driven, four-wheel large spring suspension, electric cylinder piston linkage display, LED light remote control switch, functional pure mechanical transmission control.

5 Exquisite high-end atmospheric packaging, good gifts for children.