Storage cart

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Camping multifunctional trolley: ideal for sports events, outdoor concerts, park trips, beach days, gardening, and loading and unloading cars; includes 2 mesh bottle racks for easy carrying of drinks and a back table

Folding and foldable: Folding and folding, easy to get; almost quickly within a few minutes without carrying it; easy matching board provided by hand, easy to transport the cover

Smart design, easy to set up, and easy to store!

1. Pull up the middle webbing handle and fold it.

2.Fold the skeleton diagonally inward.
3.After the skeleton harness is folded,the side devil felt is fixed.

4.From top to bottom, install the storage bag.

5.Repair the demon feeling on both sides. Lift, save effort, don't shake.

6.Put the hard shell bottom plate into the side storage bag.