Stonehenge robot

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1. robot & amp; excavator two variable modeling arbitrary switch, the integration of remote control building block robot theme mechanical engineering three elements as one, more playability;
2.CaDA building block new intelligent remote control, new rechargeable lithium battery acceptance box ,2.4 G 4 channel automatic frequency, super anti-interference wireless remote control all-round motion, Support more MOC play expansion and modeling ;3. CaDA large torque high-grade power group (2 M power motors), remote control forward / back / left / right turn and other functions. Track system large horsepower motor, four-wheel drive run more energetic;
4. the function and shape of the high reduction robot and excavator, the shape structure is firm, it is not easy to disperse in the process of play, and it has many movable parts for play;
5. pure mechanical movable function: robot left arm bucket angle control / right arm claw manual control. Excavator arm lifting control / excavation action control / operating table 360° rotation / excavation fuselage multiple movable parts;
6. exquisite high-grade atmospheric packaging, children give gifts.