Remote control Jeep police car

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1. The hood, car door and trunk door can be opened manually, and the spare tire can      be replaced and used 

2. Metal model girders, axles, oversized tires (model high convex climbing wheel              pattern), high hardness vehicle bottom, and solid chassis, which are suitable for            various road conditions

3. High-equipped model climbing motor, with full-scale steering steering gear and         steering fine adjustment, brings a more realistic climbing experience

4. Speed can be fine-tuned to simulate throttle function; At the same time, it realizes        the function of switching between high and low speeds, and highly imitates the L/S      gear switching of real cars

5. Reserve a large modification space to provide convenience for model lovers to              modify

6.2.4GHz new remote control, super anti-interference, can play with many cars

7. Replace a complete set of hydraulic shock absorbers and metal bushings, and              upgrade the structure of the transmission rod, so that the structure is more stable        and has higher durability; Synchronous optimization of matching degree between        motor and press box